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Intarsia 3D 
by Don Robinson


Award Winning Blue Ribbon Intarsia
Attention is no small detail, but attention to details make perfection.


Years ago at a Craft show I saw Intarsia (wood inlay) and was fascinated.  In the beginning my creations were flat, but I could see the potential - Through trial and error, coupled with patience and careful crafting. I improved.  I strive for perfection, but I am never completely satisfied.   Everybody says, "I am too fussy." 

Over the years I improved the Three-Dimensional (3D) effect.  During that time, I exhibited my Intarsia work on the Craft show circuit.  I competed for and won Cash Prizes, Best-of-Show Awards, Purchase Awards, First Prize Blue Ribbons and other awards.

I carefully select each wood species, paying particular attention to color, tonal graduation, and grain orientation.  I use different thick-nesses of wood to achieve the Third-Dimensional (3D) effect.

After cutting the individual pieces of wood out, I contour each piece, carve (when needed), rough sand, fine sand and dry assemble to check for precise fit.  I use Tite Bond glue to attach the pieces to a quarter-inch backing board, then apply a final sanding and finish with clear lacquer. Finally, I personally sign each Intarsia piece front and back and include a list of the woods used to comprise the artwork.


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