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About Don Robinson

Award Winning Blue Ribbon Intarsia
Attention is no small detail, but attention to details make perfection.


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Retired perfectionist, Don Robinson lives in Beverly Hills, Florida and works on his Intarsia artwork full-time.  At 83 years old, and a lifetime of woodworking skills behind him to include making furniture, Don now spends his days constructing Intarsia which he sells at local craft fairs.  Don is currently in the process of designing his own Intarsia art.  To see one of Don's manatee designs, visit his Intarsia gallery.

2ribbon.gif (4912 bytes) To place an order e-mail Don at , or call (352)746-7185, or write to Don at 520 South Harrison Street, Beverly Hills, Florida 34465.  Since each Intarsia piece is crafted with care, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery--or call Don, he may have your piece in stock.  Your custom orders are welcome.